CPF key figures from February 2020

Here are the results, three months later.

On November 21, 2019, the Moncompteformation app was launched.

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The app Moncompteformation

The aim of the application is to give more autonomy to employees and jobseekers in the management of their training rights. Since its launch on the App Store and Google Play, the app has been downloaded 791,000 times, more than 771,900 profiles have been activated and more than 123,000 different training courses have been conducted.

What are the most requested trainings?

In three months, the app and website have more than 92,000 applications on the website and application and 136,000 accepted files. In all, it's more than 9,627 organisations that offer 3,220 certifications. Among the 123,000 courses on offer, 48.6% of the catalogue corresponds to courses in modern languages, foreign civilisations and regional civilisations. While language courses account for about half of the catalogue, IT and transport courses follow closely behind.

In particular, the most popular certifications include the driving licence, the skills assessment, training courses for business creators and buyers, the TOEIC® tests and VAE support.

A " democratisation of training "

Of all accepted applications, two-thirds were for manual and clerical workers. Between the website and the application, there were more than five million unique visitors, or one in four employees. Thus, the Ministry of Labour sees it as a "democratisation of training". Indeed, this can also be illustrated in the figures: 56% of the users of the application hold a diploma less than or equal to the Baccalaureate and 67% by workers and employees who are trained in companies half as much as managers.

English is one of the essential cross-functional skills for employees. The strong demand for English training certified by a TOEIC test reflects this trend.

There are many training courses certified by a TOEIC® tests! You can find them all on the website or on the mobile application and by typing "TOEIC test(s)" in the search bar. To find all the steps to follow to register for training certified by a TOEIC test, click here.