Grammaire Vocabulaire du test TOEIC

1st Edition


Suitable for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test

About the book

A two-part book for revision and training on the grammar points to master and the vocabulary to know to maximize your TOEIC® test score. It includes 24 chapters on grammar points to know as well as 34 vocabulary topics with more than 1500 keywords covering all areas of English as seen in the test. It includes:

  • Grammar rules explained and supported by examples with their translation
  • Numerous written and audio application exercises
  • Official TOEIC® test samples provided by ETS
  • Tips and advice from the trainers
  • Complete answers to all training exercises and samples of the official test
  • English vocabulary of professional and business relations and everyday life topics covered in the test
  • The words presented are always followed by one or more examples that give their context of use and accompanied by words from the same family. Words, examples and derivatives are translated into French
  • The vocabulary of each theme is followed by four exercises in the typology of those of the test
  • Audio files downloadable in MP3 format
  • Complete answers to all vocabulary exercises and extracts from the official test

Additional Information

  • ISBN: 2017013990
  • ISBN 13: 9782017013990
  • Book Authors: Cassandra Harvey, Danuta Langner
  • Publisher: Hachette Edition
  • Number of pages: 384