Achieve TOEIC Bridge

1st Edition


Suitable for the TOEIC Bridge test

About the book

The book and its accompanying CD-ROM may be used for classroom-based preparation or self-study. It suggests strategies to build the skills necessary to answer the test questions successfully and improve overall English language proficiency. It includes:

  • A general overview of the test’s format.
  • 2 step-by-step Study Plans showing how to use the book for either quick or in-depth test preparation.
  • A “Diagnostic” Mini-Test (35 sample questions) to help candidates learn how the test works and determine the areas where further study is needed.
  • 5 chapters with “Test-Taking Strategies”, with specific guidelines, easy-to-follow study tips, clear examples with explanations and practice exercises.
  • 2 additional Mini-tests (20 questions each) reviewing the skills learnt in the “Test-taking Strategies” chapters.
  • 2 full-length Practice Tests in the TOEIC Bridge® format (100 questions each).
  • A Grammar Review File with explanations, examples, and test-format exercises.
  • A Vocabulary Review File with test-format exercises.
  • A complete Appendix featuring answer keys, explanatory answers, and scripts for all the exercises and tests.
  • An audio CD containing all the listening material in the book and featuring the voices of several native English speakers.

Additional Information

  • ISBN: 0462004457
  • ISBN 13: 0462004457
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Book Author: Renald Rilcy
  • Publisher: 2008 Marshall Cavendish
  • Number of pages: 340