New version of the TOEIC® test preparation app

ETS Global, digiSchool and Hachette

ETS Global, digischool and Hachette launch a new version of the « Super Prépa for the TOEIC® test » application to facilitate training for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. TOEIC® assessment are used by more than 14,000 organizations across more than 160 countries to evaluate the English-language communication skills needed in the workplace and everyday life.

The first version of the application, launched in February 2019, was a wide success on the market with 75,000 downloads.

The new version offers 1,000 official questions, 600 explanations, 60 grammar lessons and two timed practice tests providing an estimated score scale and its level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

This application brings together digiSchool’s digital expertise, official questions from previous TOEIC tests licensed for use by ETS Global, ETS the maker of the TOEIC Test, and pedagogical explanations developed by the authors of Hachette, the market leader in TOEIC test preparation books with three reference books: The Official TOEIC® Test Bible, Grammar - TOEIC® Test Vocabulary, The Official Corrected TOEIC® Tests.

"This new partnership is fully in line with our group's strategy," says Anthony Kuntz, President of digiSchool, "digiSchool deploys and monetizes educational applications to its’ captive audience. This unique and tripartite association aims to best meet the demands of our users who are looking for the best content and learning experience. This objective has now been achieved: we offer the most complete digital solution for TOEIC test preparation in France! ".

Screenshot of the Super Prepa for the TOEIC test app

"After one year of existence, the Super Prépa for the TOEIC® Test application is a real success and confirms the interest in having a preparation tool with official content to prepare oneself well.

The new version is updated with grammar lessons and additional content specially defined by Hachette. The joint expertise of ETS Global, Hachette and digiSchool allows us to offer the only preparation tool on the market, with all the content validated by ETS, creator of the TOEIC® test. It is also the easiest and quickest way to train for the test in optimal preparation conditions! ", explains Laurence Carlinet, France Director of ETS Global.

As the publisher of official TOEIC® test preparation books, we are delighted to be able to join the official “Super Prépa for the TOEIC® Test” application.

Cécile Labro, Director of the Extracurricular Department at Hachette Education.

With the same rigor and high standards that they applied when creating the three official Guides already published, our authors and our editors offer their expertise and their pedagogical know-how at the service of the application, by developing all the explanations and grammatical reminders that are essential for understanding and progress, with the aim of maximizing the test score”, says Cécile Labro, Director of the Extracurricular Department at Hachette Education.

Available on IOS and Android, the Super Prépa for the TOEIC® Test application offers a free version with an access to 400 questions in the form of exercises. To go further, a version at 9.99 € / month is available or 4.99 € / week giving access to two practice tests with a score scale and level on the European Framework, a version at 19.99 € / month or 6.99 € / week giving in addition access to 600 explanations and 60 lessons.

By downloading the application, users also have a promo code to register for the TOEIC® test at an attractive price.

This application can also be integrated by language schools as part of their CPF (Personal Training Account) training offers.