New features in the Super Prep for the TOEIC Test mobile application

Preparing for the TOEIC® test has never been easier!

Three years after its launch in 2019 and after more than 250,000 downloads, the application is now accessible via its web version! An essential tool for preparing for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test, the platform has recently been enhanced with new official content.

Preparing for the TOEIC® test with the Super Prepa for TOEIC Test app

From your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can practice for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test with 400 new questions and 2 new practice tests.

In partnership with Hachette, the application now contains:

- 1 400 TOEIC® official questions

- 600 pedagogical explanations developed by the authors of Hachette

- 60 grammar lessons defined by the authors of Hachette

- 4 mock tests:

- 2 mock tests under real conditions (2 hours, 200 questions)

- 2 mock tests in semi-real conditions (10 to 30 minutes per part, 200 questions)

Go to the Super Prepa for the TOEIC test website (computer)

Download Super Prepa TOEIC on the App Store

Download Super Prepa TOEIC on Google Play

Synchronisation between the site and the application

1 account for:

- Log in to the website and the application

- Follow your progress in the courses, the training series and the mock TOEIC tests.

The results obtained on the application are automatically reflected on the site, and vice versa.

The Super Prepa for the TOEIC® Test application offers 2 access versions

1) The Essential version for free practice

This version gives you free access to 400 questions in the form of exercises.

On the bus, at home, early in the morning or late at night, practice wherever you want and whenever you want with no obligation!

2) The SOLO TOEIC subscription to access all our content: exercises, lessons and practice tests

This option allows you to access 100% of the TOEIC content and practice with 1400 official questions. 

You can practice at your leisure. For each question you will get detailed explanations on the point of grammar, conjugation, vocabulary or understanding. 

A library of 60 lessons is at your disposal to work or revise. You will of course have access to mock tests, your estimated score and your positioning on the CEFR scale. 

Put all the chances on your side with a complete preparation for 9,99 €/month or 4,99 €/week without commitment. 

Our offer dedicated to training professionals and English teachers

In the "statistics" section, you can now monitor the use and progress of your learners or students.

At a glance, you can access all the following information:

  • Results of the practice rounds
  • Results of the mock TOEIC tests
  • Time spent on the application
  • Date of last login
  • The date of activation of the code given to your learner

This dashboard can be accessed from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone via a dedicated url. You can also export your students' data to an excel file. These statistics on the use of the application and the follow-up of your learners are accessible to professionals using more than 30 codes.

Curious to know more? Do you have any questions?

We invite you to contact your ETS Global consultant for any questions about the application.

Dashboard of the application Super Prepa for the TOEIC test