ETS Global participated in EdTech conference

November 23rd, 2019

ETS Global attended the reception and took part of the panel discussion held by XJAAF (Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni Association in France) at the Chinese Embassy in Paris (France). The conference, about the future of Learning and Assessment, aimed at sharing insights on EdTech Learning and Assessment, the trends of EdTech industry and the latest news about the TOEIC® tests in France regarding the Personal Training Account (CPF).

The moderator for this event, Peng Yu, ETS Global IS Project Manager, led the discussion between the audience and the special guests: Julie Cain, ETS Senior Strategic Advisor; Simon Chaumeil, ETS Global Key Account Manager; Jennifer Huang, the founder of LearnLaunch enlisted start-up Hihilulu; and Guido Macaluso, ETS Global ECS Project Manager.

It was an honour to participate on this distinguished panel as part of the global multi-stakeholder community supporting digital innovators in bringing secure, accessible, value-added products to the Ed Tech market.

Julie Cain, ETS Senior Strategic Advisor

Julie Cain

ETS Senior Strategic Advisor

Julie talked about the history and the main mission of ETS, as well as the enormous amount of research and organisation behind TOEIC and TOEFL tests. The purpose was to remind people that ETS’s tests are high quality programmes, supported by a strong research outcome and administered with high security level. Julie also highlighted the importance of cybersecurity, the importance that starts right at the beginning of a project.

Peng Yu

ETS Global IS Project Manager

While moderating the conference, Peng shared the insight of blockchain application in EdTech. Although blockchain derives from FinTech, it can apply into numerous fields, and make a perfect match in EdTech. For example: digitalising test result and certificate; helping the portability of student diploma; verifying teacher’s accreditation; securing credit and reward in learning platform; etc.

Simon Chaumeil

ETS Global Key Account Manager

Simon provided an overview about EdTech in France: the market, the trends and all the different technologies. He talked about the French branch of the TOEIC Programme and in which ways TOEIC tests can provide help for individuals, schools or companies. Finally, Simon presented how the TOEIC test answers the needs following the CPF reform in France.