How to benefit from the CPF as a job seeker?

The Personal Training Account (CPF) allows any active person to acquire rights to receive training.

All employees and jobseekers over the age of 16 can benefit from the CPF from the beginning of their working life until retirement. These rights can be used throughout working life. Thus, in order to be able to follow certified training, a jobseeker can mobilise their CPF. Find out how to use your CPF funds to finance your training.

Job Seekers and CPF: What are your rights?

Whether or not you are registered with Pôle Emploi, you have the right to open a CPF account on the website or via the mobile application, available on the App Store and Google Play.

The available training courses can enable you to acquire a qualification/certification, a base of knowledge and skills, to be accompanied for the validation of acquired experience (VAE), etc.

Unlike an employee, as a job seeker, you cannot acquire additional rights during your period of unemployment. However, this does not mean that you cannot use your acquired rights until then.

How do you finance your training with CPF funds?

You can mobilise your CPF rights and start a training course during your period of unemployment. There are two possibilities:

  • If your acquired rights cover the totality of your training, your project is automatically validated, without needing the agreement of Pôle Emploi to start your training.
  • If your acquired rights do not cover all of your training, Pôle Emploi must validate your training project. Thus, your Pôle Emploi advisor will be responsible for putting together a "training file" and seeking additional funding from Pôle Emploi. In addition, the Regional Council or other institutions can also help you in this process.

Whatever your situation, as a job seeker, you must contact Pôle Emploi if you have any questions about your CPF.

Why should you get trained and what training should you choose?

The job search period can be an opportunity to reflect on your career, your skills, your assets... and to update your CV in order to attract the attention of recruiters. The mastery of English is a skill very often requested by companies. Indeed, the internationalisation of exchanges impacts all sectors and all positions, regardless of the level of responsibility of the positions. The enhancement of your English skills can therefore be a real plus for your job search. 14,000 companies and organisations around the world rely on TOEIC® tests. They chose the TOEIC tests for their reliability and to compare English levels to support their recruitment and promotion decisions.

All TOEIC® tests are eligible for the CPF. So, whatever your situation, it is always worth inquiring about training courses certified by a TOEIC® test. To do so, just go to the website or to the mobile app and type "TOEIC test(s)" in the search bar.

You can also find all these steps to follow by clicking here.