Case study

Cap Formation

High-quality language training, certified by TOEIC tests

Cap Formation, located in Paris, Orléans, Tours, Chartres, and Trappes, stands out for its specialization in foreign language training, offering a wide range of languages including English, French as a foreign language, Chinese, and Polish. This diversity of offerings allows Cap Formation to effectively meet the varied needs of its clientele.

We spoke with Isabelle Pla, Pedagogical and Linguistic Manager at Cap Formation for the Paris and Trappes sites. Having initially joined Cap Formation as an English instructor, Isabelle shares her passion for training and explains why Cap Formation has chosen TOEIC tests to certify its English language courses.

TOEIC tests, the choice of reference in English certification

Due to the growing importance of English proficiency in the workplace, English is the most requested language training at Cap Formation. 

To assess learners' English proficiency level, Cap Formation prefers using the globally recognized TOEIC tests . TOEIC tests provide an objective measure of competence level and are widely used in the professional and academic world, thus facilitating integration into the job market. 

Most learners aim to achieve level B2 on the CEFR, generally required in the professional world, with a minimum score of 785/990 on the TOEIC Listening and Reading test

Learners are primarily employees taking the test as part of their CPF (Personal Training Account). With companies increasingly using fewer training plans, Isabelle Pla notes over the years the major use of CPF to finance their training. 

Between 2019 and 2022, over 5.6 million training applications were funded by CPF, including over 350,000 applications for TOEIC certification, the leading language certification. 

We use the TOEIC test because it is the reference in terms of English certification. Our clients demand it. The test is well-established in people's minds.

Isabelle Pla, Pedagogical and Linguistic Manager at Cap Formation

A customized support

Cap Formation adopts an individualized approach by assessing the level of each learner before the start of the training and continuously reviewing with them to adjust teaching if necessary. The company emphasizes continuous support and encouragement for learners throughout their journey, helping them perceive TOEIC tests as tools to measure their progress rather than exams to pass. In fact, the issuing of certification is not contingent upon reaching a certain level. All candidates receive a result, regardless of their level (from A1 to C1).

Cap Formation promotes active teaching approach, based on exchange, capitalization, and self-confidence, allowing learners to take ownership of knowledge and play a leading role in their training. This approach aims to enhance learners' confidence and accelerate their acquisition of language skills. 

A positive impact on confidence

Beyond results, it is the confidence gained in linguistic practice that prevails. Learners appreciate the connection with trainers and tangible progress in their language proficiency. 

"Quickly, learners gain confidence and feel more comfortable speaking even if they still make mistakes," points out Isabelle Pla. She reminds her learners that language learning requires time and perseverance. Personal investment and regular practice are essential for sustainable progress. 

By combining a diverse range of language training offerings, a personalized approach, and the use of TOEIC tests, Cap Formation has won over numerous learners whose progress is a great source of pride for the teams.


We warmly thank Isabelle Pla for sharing her experience regarding the use of TOEIC tests.