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English Discoveries

English Discoveries delivers an assessment-driven pedagogical approach to teaching English. Created by Edusoft, a subsidiary of ETS, its learning platform provides students and teachers with an engaging and effective English-language learning experience. As a technology-based institutional and comprehensive English learning solutions, it serves institutional, governmental and corporate sectors worldwide. Edusoft’s experience in English Language Learning - combined with ETS’s recognized leadership in the world of assessment - provides the most effective English learning solution in the market today.


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A Technology-based Learning Platform
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Compatible with Existing Textbooks and Curricula
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Suitable for Beginners through Advanced Learners

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English  Discoveries delivers a complete cutting-edge learning experience to lead  students to true English fluency. Used by a growing community of millions of  users in over 30 countries, English Discoveries has a versatile end-to-end  English learning programme that is highly focused on outcomes and can  integrate existing textbooks and curricula. In addition, its unified  pedagogical approach in-line with the latest technologies sets a new standard  in English-language learning.

- Format: digital tools with printable materials

- Levels: Beginner to Advanced levels (from A1 to C1 on the CEFR)


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How can English Discoveries fit your needs?

English  Discoveries is customisable to fit your needs. English Discoveries’  customisable platform can be adapted to meet the specific needs of both large  and small-scale projects. Our complete solution can be tailored to exiting  curricula, provides flexible delivery options, and offers teachers and product training. In addition, we offer ongoing technical and pedagogical support throughout the duration of the project, to ensure success.

Customisable Solutions

  • Optional Integration with existing textbooks/national curriculum and LMS via API/LTI
  • Various models of implementation (Full Solution, Integrated, Synchronous/Distance)
  • Web and mobile app compatible with desktop, smartphone and table
  • Content customizability via Authoring Tool

Comprehensive Services

  • Project management
  • Onsite training
  • Pedagogical consulting & services (needs analysis, product training, implementation and ongoing support)
  • Local technical support
  • Textbook/curriculum integration
What are the assessments included in English Discoveries?

English Discoveries includes Automated Writing Evaluation, based on ETS's industry-leading e-rater® engine, which provides detailed, automated feedback  on student writing for all writing practice activities. In addition, Speech  Recognition in all speaking and listening activities provides immediate, detailed feedback on students' pronunciation.

English Discoveries includes a variety of formative and summative  assessments, including a placement test, component tests, as well as midterm  and final tests, all of which are scored automatically Edusoft’s experience in English Language Learning - combined with ETS’s recognised leadership in  the world of assessment - provides the most effective English learning  solution in the market today.

What are the English Discoveries’ Professional Development courses?

English Discoveries’ Professional Development courses were developed as a result of Edusoft’s extensive experience with English language teachers throughout the  world. Using its vast experience in distance and blended learning, English Discoveries addresses the main challenges facing English teachers and  provides an effective, scalable solution for countries and institutions interested in advancing the language and teaching skills of teachers.

These courses have been adopted by ministries of education and academic institutions worldwide in order to enhance the teaching skills and the English language proficiency of classroom teachers. Trainees who fulfil the  course requirements will receive an international certificate which is  recognised by a growing number of ministries of education.

What classroom materials English discoveries provides to teachers?

English  Discoveries is accompanied by a range of printable classroom materials for a  complete learning package. These classroom materials reflect and reinforce  the teaching objectives of the online learning content and promote  communicative interaction in the classroom.

Its class-based resources help create a vibrant classroom environment  through teacher-facilitated face-to-face interaction and student  collaboration which help students develop proficiency across all nodes of  communication. In addition, teacher materials, such as syllabi, lesson plans,  and teacher guides, promote success in their roles.

These include:

  • Curriculum
  • Lesson Plans
  • Handouts
  • Workbooks
  • Workbook Answer Keys
  • Guided Discussions
  • Teacher Guides
  • Scope and Sequence
How can the English Discoveries Intelligent Management Systems help institutions and teachers?

English  Discoveries management systems give decision-makers complete control of  large-scale English learning programmes and enable teachers to more easily  teach larger numbers of students and classes. It is further enriched with  customisation tools that enable instructors to develop and introduce their  own material into the curriculum and create tailored lessons from existing  content building blocks. It also helps reduce teachers’ workloads by  providing automated exam scoring, calculation of final grades and generation  is real time reports.

This management system includes:

  • Authoring Tool and Course Builder, for customization and creation of content
  • Teacher Dashboard, which allows teachers to quickly and easily monitor  progress and success of classes
  • Simple student registration process
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Customisable learning paths for each student
  • Internet/Intranet-based student-teacher communication tools
  • Customisation tools for community site features
  • Range of customisable settings

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"Yurt dışında iş arıyorum ve TOEIC test puanıyla özgeçmişimi güçlendirmek istiyorum"
Anonim, İş arayan, Fransa
(Cochabamba, Bolivia)
"Yüksek lisans başvuru sürecim sırasında TOEFL iBT testine girdim, bana katkısı çok önemliydi. Aldığım yüksek puan sayesinde de burs kazandım."
Pamela, Wageningen Üniversitesi
İş yerinde terfi alabilmek için TOEIC testine girmem gerekiyordu. Çevrimiçi resmi hazırlık araçlarıyla çalıştım.
Anonim, 40 yaşında, Çalışan, Fransa
Çevrimiçi TOEIC testi, daha önce karşılaştığımız zorlukları aşmamıza yardımcı oldu. Bu test değişen dünyamızın yeniliklerine göre hazırlanmış
Jérôme, Bölüm Başkanı, (ESEO Mühendislik Okulu, Fransa)
“In order to validate my diploma, I had to have a score above 800. The school therefore gave us access to a platform in order to train”
Mélanie, 24 years old, Student