"La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC", an effective preparation tool for a specific goal

Laurence Carlinet, Director of ETS Global, France

For the release of "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®", we had the pleasure of speaking with Laurence Carlinet, Director of ETS Global, France and Cécile Labro, Director of the Extracurricular Department at Hachette Education.

After "Le Guide Officiel du Test TOEIC®" and "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés", why add another book to the collection of official TOEIC test guides? 

Cécile Labro: "Le Guide Officiel du Test TOEIC®" and "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés" have been a great success: the demand for official books to prepare for the TOEIC® test is enormous. Students and adults alike want to prepare themselves with the best books!

No book is better adapted to candidates' needs than the official books published by Hachette Livre in partnership with ETS :

  • These books all include one or more official tests with detailed corrections and explanations that help users to progress and work as efficiently as possible
  • All books are officially reviewed and corrected by ETS. This intensive editorial work continues until the contents are fully compliant with TOEIC® test guidelines developed by ETS

A book with the label "approved by ETS" is an incomparable guarantee for test preparation.

Laurence Carlinet: What was missing was a book with official content that not only allows you to review with sample tests, but also to prepare in-depth for the TOEIC® test to improve your score. Indeed, many institutions, universities or professional tracks now require a minimum score for the TOEIC® test. "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" allows you to prepare effectively to attain a specific score.

What type of preparation does "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" offer?

CL: As its name suggests, this book is very impressive: with more than 620 pages and with four audio CDs (tests and vocabulary), it is the "must-have" for test preparation!

"La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" offers intensive, serious and thorough preparation for the test. The student has a complete, "all-in-one" work tool with 350 pages devoted to TOEIC® test vocabulary, grammar and two complete official tests with detailed, annotated answers. No other work is more complete than "La Bible"!

LC: It is a thorough preparation tool that can also be very useful as a complement to a training course with exercises and sample tests that help candidates reinforce their knowledge. There is no other book on the market as complete as this one. In addition, it is the only book with "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés", which offers exercises and sample tests from the updated version of the TOEIC® test, in effect since June 1, 2018.

How does "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" complement the book "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés"?

CL: "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" is an "all-in-one" TOEIC® preparation tool. Its content is complete and suitable for anyone: those who want to brush up and improve their score and those who are aiming for excellence.

Equipped with "La Bible Officielle du Test TOEIC®" and "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés", students have the best possible preparation for the TOEIC® test and a clear path to success!

 LC: "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés" should be reviewed intensively before the test to give students the best possible chance of success. La Bible is a work intended to support a training course or preparation over the course of several weeks or months. It is designed from a pedagogical perspective, which makes it possible to perfect one's level of English. Between the two books, four different, up-to-date TOEIC® sample tests are available.