ETS Global supports Oxfam Novib

ETS Global recently became a Business Supporting Ambassador of Oxfam Novib, the worldwide operating NGO affiliated to the Oxfam confederation based in the Netherlands. 

Since 1953 Oxfam Novib provides equity and fairness around the world, values that ETS Global holds dear since its creation. Oxfam Novib develops sustainable solutions to get rid of poverty around the world, implementing programmes to help population fight for their rights and against injustice.

People working

Its actions have shown impressive results in more than 90 countries such as in Afghanistan, Somalia or Vietnam, cutting extreme global poverty by half in the past 15 years thanks to the implementation of effective and realistic projects.

ETS Global opted for the ”Business for Business” programme as a so called Business Supporting Ambassador. The donations we make are used for microfinancing small businesses, cooperatives and self-employed in developing countries through flexible loan schemes.

We believe in supporting employability of people worldwide, whether it is through our assessments solutions for the workplace or through the sponsoring of micro credits which are essential for people in creating work and income for their community or for themselves. Helping people achieving these ambitions supports the overall drive of ETS Global

Gerben van Lent, ETS Global Executive Director- Strategy and Business Growth

Today, more than 750 Dutch businesses have joined the network, combining their effort to support small and medium sized businesses in developing countries and at the same time pursue the fight against global poverty by enabling population to build a sustainable livelihood.