ETS Global & “Pens for Success”

ETS Global Brings “Pens for Success” to Morocco and Germany.

ETS Global donated 120 “Pens for Success” kits to children at an orphanage in Morocco.  The children will use these kits — which each contain a pen, a pencil, a ruler and an eraser—at the local public school they attend.

“Pens for Success” is ETS Global’s social mission initiative to help schools and education centres that lack even the basic supplies they need to educate their students. Through this programme, ETS Global donates hundreds of“Pens for Success” kits to schools in need each month.

The children of the orphanage welcomed ETS Global representatives Frédéric Ledien, Executive Director of Business Support, and Annabelle Junillon, Market Support Manager, by singing the national hymn. ETS Global organised a clown show for the children with Les Lumieres Du Maroc, a non-profit organisation that supports students in their academic progress and promotes the value of education.

Group of kids

Children from an orphanage in Morocco received 120 “Pens for Success” kits.

 ETS Global also donated 100 “Pens for Success” kits to the Berlin-Hellersdorf office of Die Arche (The Arch), a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping children affected by poverty in Germany. Currently, approximately 2.5 to 3 million children in the country live in poverty. In addition to providing meals for children, Die Archealso nurtures their academic needs and interests through homework help, sports and music programmes.

Die Archeis financed solely by donations and currently offers services in 15 locations throughout Germany, reaching more than 3500 children and teenagers. Due to high demand for their services, Die Arche plans to open another facility in Warsaw, Poland.

Die Arche will use the “Pens for Success” kits from ETS Global to help children with their homework.

“On behalf ofDie Arche, we want to sincerely thank ETS Global for the commitment and the donated sets,” says David Kallmeter from the Die Arche office in Berlin-Hellersdorf. “Here in our facility in Hellersdorf, the tutoring programme is frequently used by our kids, so we can put the ‘Pens for Success’ kits to great use.”

Kids jumping

Children supported by Die Archein Berlin-Hellersdorf received 100 “Pens for Success” kits.