10 Best Strategies and Tips for the GRE Test

The 10 Best Strategies and Tips for the Computer-Delivered GRE General Test.

Discover out strategies and tips to better prepare for the GRE® General Test.

1. Once you start planning, register early

You want to get your preferred test date, time and location, so register for the GRE revised General Test as soon as you can. Plus, having a "goal" date helps you stay focused on preparation!

2. Check out the sample questions on the official GRE website

An easy way to begin your preparation is to review the free sample questions on the GRE website. You can start to get a feel for the types of questions you'll see in each of the three sections of the test: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

3. Take some extra time to review your math skills

The GRE Program offers a free 100-page math review that is a great way to refresh your basic math skills and review the concepts you may see when you take the GRE revised General Test. Whether you're a math whiz or haven't taken a math class in a while, this practice gem, which includes problem-solving exercises, can help you get ready.

4. Download FREE POWERPREP® II software

This free software was created by the makers of the GRE test and is as close to the actual test as you can get. The software simulates a test-taking experience. You can take a practice test and become familiar with the test directions, question types, on-screen calculator, testing software and test design.

5. Use the calculator wisely

The on-screen calculator is a test-taker friendly feature that was added in August 2011, but you do not need to use it on every question. Use the calculator for calculations that you know are more time consuming … or even when you are finished answering all questions to check your work. Be sure to try it out in the POWERPREP II software so you know what to expect on test day.

6. Plan your test-taking strategy

You may want to go through each timed section rapidly first, stopping only to answer questions you can answer with certainty. Then go back and answer the questions that require greater thought, concluding with the difficult questions if you have time. Be sure to use the Mark and Review features to identify questions you have skipped. Since no points are deducted for wrong answers, it's always best to answer every question than to leave a response blank.

7. Make final preparations for test day

Pack anything that you may need such as water and a snack to have during the break! Pack your bag the night before and set an alarm. On test day, wear comfortable clothes and dress so that you can adapt to any room temperature.

8. Remember your valid photo ID

Check the GRE website to make sure you have valid and acceptable identification so you can be admitted to the test center on the day of your GRE test appointment. The name you used to register must exactly match the name on the ID documents that you will present at the test center.

9. Connect with other test takers

Visit the GRE page on Facebook® and interact with other GRE test takers to exchange ideas.

10. Be sure to take advantage of FREE GRE services

As a GRE revised General Test taker, you can opt-in to the GRE Search Service for FREE so that graduate and business school institutions can contact you about their institution, fellowships and even scholarships. Plus, you can also send four free ETS® Personal Potential Index reports to institutions, which will tell them more about your personal traits in areas like teamwork and resilience. These free services are two great ways to get noticed.