The voice of women in business academia today

ETS Global collaborates with Women in Business Education, addressing important questions around equity and gender balance.

ETS Global is proud to support the work of Women in the Business Education Network, and in particular, their Momentum Virtual Summit.

Women in Business Education (WiBE) is a global network that champions women’s leadership in business academia. WiBE Membership is open to female deans, associate deans, and faculty from around the globe ready to boldly move to the next level of their leadership journey in business and education.  

The WiBE Movement is comprised of both men and women looking to build greater diversity and gender balance at all leadership levels within business schools. The inclusive global movement encourages everyone to participate in the conversation, dialogue, and research. 

In line with ETS’s mission to advance quality and equity in education worldwide, ETS Global is proud to support the WiBE Momentum Virtual Summit, which took place in October 2021. In addition, Maria Kirilova, a GRE Programme expert, shared insights about how to use holistic admissions to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in graduate programmes.

Improving diversity and inclusion is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive set of solutions. To help institutions navigate these complexities, ETS has curated Holistic Admissions resources based on a study conducted in 2018 with 71 interviews at eight colleges focused on learning more about current admissions practices and the accompanying challenges. The holistic admissions method looks at multiple sources of information to get the most concise picture of each applicant’s potential and provide a fair and just evaluation. 

Better Together

Building on the synergies between ETS and WiBE as well as the important work both organisations are doing regarding diversity, inclusion, and expanding access and gender parity, we are honoured to join forces and create a fruitful collaboration.