ETS Global Supports Efforts to 'Take War Out of a Child'

ETS Global, provides financial support to the international organization War Child.

ETS Global B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of ETS, announced its plans to provide a financial contribution to War Child, an international organisation dedicated to helping children affected by war.

The donation will go to a programme in Sierra Leone that addresses psychosocial needs of children by helping to rebuild peaceful, child friendly communities through a variety of creative, educational, recreational and cultural activities. Although the primary target group is children, the programme also involves all people who play a significant role in their lives. 

"In addition to achieving our business objectives, it is of great importance that we take our social responsibility seriously and remain committed to building a better world," says ETS Global BV former Managing Director Zoubir Yazid. "War Child provides very disadvantaged children with the foundations not only to develop as individuals, but also to contribute to the well-being of their families, community and society."

 War Child's overall objectives are to enhance the general health of children and young people in post-conflict areas and to contribute to building peaceful societies. "No child should ever be part of war.” states War Child. "Children have the right to grow up in peace, free from fear and violence. To develop their full potential and become the person they want to be."

 The organisation implements, either directly or together with (local) partners, programmes that protect and empower children and young people. Creative, community-based interventions and conflict-transformation programmes are at the core of War Child's efforts.


We are very proud to be a part of this initiative. Supporting and contributing to this incredible altruistic labor also makes us improve as an organisation and adds enthusiasm and passion to our corporate social responsibility mission.

Gerben van Lent, ETS Global Executive Director of Governance, Market Support and Knowledge Management

Isatu, a participant of a War Child programme who grew up in Sierra Leone during the war, shared her experiences. Together with other young parents, she cultivates and sells cassava, a major staple food in Sierra Leone that provides a basic diet. With what she gains from the harvest, she can pay for her children's tuition. "I have a new purpose in my life," she says, "and the opportunity to build a better future for myself and my family."

According to War Child, children are seen as survivors and not as victims. The organisation always takes a positive approach towards children and young people affected by armed conflict by focusing on their strengths. Many children have the ability and skills to shape their lives and to cope with adversity, even when they have experienced armed conflict or life-threatening incidents. They need support, though. And through War Child, ETS Global BV is offering it.

 “We are proud of our business friendship with ETS Global. Not only does this friendship provide us with more funds to reach out to more children, but it provides ETS Global and War Child with an opportunity to explore how we can add more value to each other: War Child is convinced that everyone and every business can play a role!” says Hendrik van Gent, Director of War Child.