ETS Global Becomes an ALTE Associate Member

3 questions to Arum Perwitasari

What is the significance of ETS Global joining this distinguished organization?   

Arum Perwitasari: Joining ALTE is an important but also a natural step for us, as it underscores our dedication to actively contribute to the advancement and modernization of language assessment practices across our region. Joining ALTE isn’t just about membership itself; it’s an intentional choice to collaborate with worldwide experts in the language testing field and be part of a collective expertise. This provides us a with a unique opportunity to engage and position ourselves to play a significant role in the ongoing evolution of language assessment within Europe and beyond. 

Arum Perwitasari

Academic Relations Lead at ETS Global Amsterdam

How will this opportunity also help support ETS Global’s mission?  

Arum Perwitasari: Our involvement with ALTE goes beyond the organizational level- it’s about connecting with like-minded individuals in the language assessment community. This affiliation provides a platform for ETS Global to meet professionals who share our passion for advancing language testing standards and to gain insights into the diverse needs of test takers.

We aim to actively engage in discussions that help clarify and refine professional standards within the language assessment sector. This collaborative approach allows us to contribute our experience and expertise to the ongoing dialogue, shaping the trajectory of language testing practices. 

What is one thing you look forward to the most from the participation ahead?   

Arum Perwitasari: One key aspect I’m enthusiastic about is the opportunity to influence how we approach language assessment on a global scale. It’s centred on making meaningful impact in how we learn and assess language competence. 

Collaborating with the other members in research and innovation is another prospect we’re keenly looking forward to. With ETS’s experience combined with ALTE’s experience at the European Commission level, we are ready to bring valuable insights to enhance language testing practices.

We are here to make a powerful impact and contribute to the global evolution of language education and assessment practices. It’s not just about being part of the change; it’s about leading the way to a brighter future in language assessment.

As we start our involvement with ALTE, we look forward to sharing more information about our exciting new partnerships, collaborations, and projects across EMEA. 

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