TOEFL Primary pilot session in Cameroon

As more and more countries are introducing English as a second language at earlier stages of learning, the needs of an English test for secondary schools are increasing.

The TOEFL Primary® tests set the right foundation for the successful development of English-language skills. They assess students’ ability to read and understand, and preparedness to speak globally.

On January 16th, our partner, New Beginning, led by Juditte Kempta Tchakountio, prepared the first testing session of TOEFL Primary® test in La Fontaine School in Cameroon. The first session gathered 59 students aged 8-10. They were separated into two groups, which enabled managing the session without any inconvenience.

The children were tired but happy and it was an encouragement for us to see all their smiles. We continue to receive thanks from the parents to this day and it is an encouragement for us in this long-awaited adventure

Juditte Kempta

Encouraging results

The goal was to encourage public rural schools in Cameroon to use ETS Global’s tests and preparation tools to improve their students’ level of English. No other competitor in the region has given this chance to these schools since most of these actions are usually conducted in Private Schools, leaving many children in rural areas behind. The next sessions are planned to take place in Spring where around 30 students will take the test.