As companies are more and more seeking for language proficiency, help your students better prepare for their corporate future with a language certification.

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Guide your students to the next step of their English language learning journey

Thanks to the TOEFL® Family of Assessments, assessing your students at different English-language levels is becoming easier. The TOEFL® tests can help your students realise their full potential as well as helping you preparing them for their future. Depending on their age, a specific TOEFL test has been designed for them and will ensure you can find the right tests to guide them to the right path.

New: The adaptive TOEIC Listening and Reading test

The TOEIC Listening and Reading online test has evolved and is now also available in a 1-hour adaptive version. This shorter version is an adaptive version of the linear 2-hour test. It is also eligible for CPF. For more information about this test, please contact your ETS sales consultant.

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Equal opportunities and motivation for your students

To better help you achieve your students’ goals in your English as a Foreign Language class, our fair, reliable and impartial tests will support the academic success of your students. The TOEFL® Family of Assessments can help you measure, develop and assess your students’ skills and prepare them for success whatever the language level or age of your students.

Do you want to measure your students’ French skills?

Assess the oral and written comprehension skills of your students

The TFI test allows you to obtain an objective assessment of your students' level of French when French is not their mother tongue. Much like the TOEIC® tests, the TFI test is a fair, reliable and valid certification that can help you assess a student’s language skills. Whether it is for admissions, validation or obtaining a diploma, setting objectives or evaluating these French-language skills, the TFI test is used worldwide throughout the students' school curriculum.