Introducing TOEFL® TestReady: A New Era in Test Preparation

TOEFL® TestReady combines the best TOEFL iBT prep offerings with exclusive features and deeper insights to enhance your English communication skills.

Accepted by over 12,500 institutions in more than 160 countries, the TOEFL iBT® test measures all four academic English skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing. It's a crucial tool for students who want to stand out from the crowd at the universities they're applying to.

Aware of the importance of test preparation, we have launched the TOEFL® TestReady platform, whether for a first-time test-taker or if the candidate wishes to improve his or her score.

TOEFL® TestReady integrates top TOEFL iBT preparation resources with unique features and profound insights to improve English communication abilities. The feedback, suggestions, tailored insights, and recommendations are crafted by the same team responsible for creating the TOEFL iBT test.  A closer look at what sets TOEFL® TestReady apart with 4 features:

1. Tailored Learning through Personalized Practices

Recognizing the uniqueness of each TOEFL test-taker, TOEFL® TestReady provides personalized practice exercises designed to address your specific needs. Whether refining your reading, listening, speaking, or writing skills, our adaptive practices ensure a focused and customized learning experience.

2. Simulate Real Exam Conditions with Mock Tests

One of the key features that set TOEFL® TestReady apart is our realistic mock tests. Prepare for the TOEFL test with confidence by simulating actual test conditions. Our mock tests cover all sections of the TOEFL, providing you with a comprehensive and authentic test experience.

3. Access to Resources through Shop Section

We believe in making your TOEFL preparation journey as seamless as possible. Here, you can discover all your TOEFL study essentials in one curated space, from recommended study materials to invaluable guides, enhancing the overall quality of your learning experience. 

4. User-Friendly Interface

TOEFL® TestReady ensures a user-friendly experience with an interface designed for effortless navigation. Track your progress, access resources, and engage in personalized practices with ease.

We believe that effective TOEFL preparation goes beyond studying – it's about assisting individuals to achieve their best scores confidently.  

Ready to transform your TOEFL preparation experience? Click here to begin your journey with TOEFL® TestReady.