Enhancing Speaking and Writing Skills: 90-Minute Lesson Plans for Intermediate Learners

Are you an English language teacher looking to enhance your students’ speaking & writing abilities? Delve into our meticulously crafted 90-minute lesson plans tailored for B1/B1+ intermediate learners. Designed to refine pronunciation, stress, intonation, and writing coherence, these plans cater to diverse educational needs while fostering proficiency in both casual conversation and formal discourse. These lesson plans can be used to prepare students for the tests TOEIC® 4-Skills and TOEIC® Speaking & Writing.

A 90-Minute Lesson Plan for Speaking

Discover our 90-minute Speaking Lesson Plan, designed specifically for B1/B1+ intermediate learners. This comprehensive plan focuses on improving pronunciation, stress, intonation, and overall clarity in spoken English, helping students improve their business English and prepare for the TOEIC 4-Skills® test. 

This lesson plan works on delivering speech that is intelligible, using stress, intonation, and pauses to express meaning clearly. This lesson plan should be part of a curriculum aimed at building strong English pronunciation skills, ensuring that students have a foundational understanding of word stress, sentence stress, rhythm, and intonation. Feel free to adapt this lesson plan to suit your learners’ needs to help them communicate confidently and clearly in English. 

The lesson starts with a warmer, including a listening cloze activity. Then voice mail greetings are introduced as a practical context for pronunciation practice—something they will not only encounter in the office environment but also on the TOEIC 4-Skills test. The importance of thought groups and linking in spoken English is discussed. Sample voice mail greetings are used to have students identify thought groups and discuss stress patterns within these greetings. The lesson goes on to explore the differences between formal and informal voice mail greetings and discuss appropriate situations for each type. By the end of the lesson, students practice recording their own voice mail greetings, paying attention to stress, intonation, and clarity before engaging in a fun role-play activity where they apply what they’ve learned about pronunciation and voice mail greetings. 

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A 90-Minute Lesson Plan for Writing

As educators, we recognize that writing is a challenge for many of our students, especially on exams. Whether our students are trying to write persuasively, formal reports, or even emails, their ability to convey thoughts and opinions effectively is crucial in the world of business and on the TOEIC 4-Skills test. This 90-minute Writing Lesson Plan is designed to strengthen your students’ exam writing abilities, catering to B1/B1+ intermediate learners, with flexibility for adjustments based on individual needs

The learning objectives are to equip students to support their opinions with a well-chosen outline with strong examples. Students will practice using transition words and phrases to link ideas, all the while exploring the theme of why people learn languages—a topic that resonates with students. This lesson plan isn’t just about ink on paper; it’s about empowering confident communicators. You are encouraged to adapt it to your classroom to help your students flourish.  

After a warm-up, the lesson plan provides scaffolding to help students outline an exam essay. Working in pairs, students dissect an essay prompt related to language learning by learning to structure essays effectively. Armed with a rubric, students will evaluate a sample essay that is provided. Transition words are then explored to show how these linguistic bridges enhance flow and understanding. Finally, for homework, students will write their own essays on language learning; armed with the outline they prepared earlier, they’ll explore their opinions while employing transitions.

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In which countries is the TOEIC 4-Skills test available?

The TOEIC 4-Skills test is available in the following countries : Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and Turkey.