5 tips to practice English from home

How to continue learning English while stuck at home?

In today’s highly unusual circumstances, it can be difficult to adapt to new modes of working and studying. To avoid losing your English language skills, many things can be done to help you keep practicing while respecting social distancing.

1 – Listen to podcasts and the radio

To keep listening to real English conversations, podcasts and radio interviews are excellent solutions. Available online and offering a wide range of different topics, you’re sure to find the right one for you! This is a great way to increase your knowledge about a topic while getting used to listening to and following a conversation in English. You can also do it while cooking, showering, before going to sleep, etc.

2 – Watch Netflix and YouTube videos

On the top of every list for ways to practice English, you will find this solution: watching Netflix or YouTube videos. This is one of the best ways to get used to the way English is spoken in real life. You will learn a lot of vocabulary and pick up important cultural references. You can start practicing with subtitles to help you, and then slowly try to watch videos without subtitles. With an impressive number of videos available on both platforms, there are no excuses to not find the right one for you!

3 – Play video games

It might not sound obvious, but playing online games is an effective way to practice English. Since games can include a lot of dialogue, playing one in English can be a great tool for improving your reading and listening skills. It can also increase your vocabulary and help you practice while having fun!

4 – Take online English classes

Many resources exist for online teaching. Platforms offer English classes, which can be very useful for keeping up an academic approach to learning English. Many online schools offer their own materials and packages to help you continue studying English without going to a classroom. If you want to practice specifically for your upcoming TOEIC® test, the TOEIC® Online Learning and Preparation Course offers 90 hours of online practice and courses.

5 – Talk to yourself

The most difficult skill to master when learning a language is speaking. Fear of being judged or a lack of confidence can make it difficult to find the right moment or the right person to practice speaking English with. However, talking to yourself can give you a boost of confidence for your English-speaking skills and make you feel more comfortable when speaking to a native speaker in the future.