5 rules to follow on the day of a TOEIC test

What are the 5 main rules to follow when taking a TOEIC test?

For the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test being a standardised assessment, a few sets of rules are put into place when it comes to the test day. These aim at providing the best possible and equal conditions for all candidates and ensure that scores are valid and fair for all candidates worldwide. Getting to know these beforehand, will allow you to take the test with more confidence.

1 – Arrive at the test centre on time

This is the first fundamental when taking a test. During a TOEIC® Listening and Reading test session, every candidate will start its test at the same time. Therefore, being on time at the test centre is essential. As mentioned in the Examinee Handbook, no test taker will be admitted after test materials have been distributed. We usually advise candidates to arrive at the test centre earlier than the scheduled convocation time, as this can ease an already stressful day. In addition, make sure to get to know the way to get to the test centre before the day of the test.

2 – Don’t forget your identification documents

When taking the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test, you will be asked to prove your identity by showing your ID. Therefore, you need to come with a valid ID with a signature and recent photograph, otherwise, you might not be accepted into the testing room. You can find the complete list of valid IDs in the Examinee Handbook.

ID requirement for the TOEIC Listening and Reading test

In addition, be sure to take with you the admission form that you will receive by email, printed without your signature. If you are under 18-year-old, don’t forget your Consent Form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian. You can find a ready-to-print copy of a Consent Form at the end of the Examinee Handbook.

3 – Read the test directions closely

For each part of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test, you will find written directions. These directions will also be read out to you. Take a moment to get to know these. It is important to get familiar with these directions, as they will explain you how to answer questions and they will include a sample question to understand the type of exercise you will be performing.

Making sure to well understand these directions for each part of the test will help you and will give you more confidence for the part to come.

4 – Follow the guidelines during the test

During the test, you should carefully follow the guidelines given by the test centre administrators in order to ensure you will have good testing experience. For instance, do not take notes during the test, do not use unauthorized electronic devices, or take test questions or answers out of the testing room. All guidelines can be found in the Examinee Handbook. By reviewing them carefully, you will feel less anxious during the test, and it will ease your mind and help you focus on the test only.

5 – Do not attempt to cheat

By cheating, you will not only disadvantage you and risk high consequences, but you will also disadvantage every other test taker in the same session. Remember that a test administrator is authorized to dismiss you from a test session and/or your scores may be withheld and ultimately canceled. This is also the case if you create a disturbance, like disruptive behavior in any way or attempting to give or receive assistance.

Following these simple rules will make your testing experience much better and smoother. To feel even more at ease during the test, don’t forget to well prepare with our official TOEIC® Listening and Reading preparation tools!