Benchmark Language Proficiency for your Learners – Use the TOEIC® 4-Skills Tests !

A new test to measure the 4 language skills in English

If you have been looking for a way to measure your learners’ beginner to advanced proficiency levels of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed in the workplace, then we have news for you: the newly launched TOEIC 4-Skills test does exactly that!

As teachers already know, the TOEIC assessments are the most widely used around the world with 14,000+ organizations across more than 160 countries trusting TOEIC scores to inform the decisions that matter. Adding another feather in their cap with the TOEIC 4-Skills test, ETS Global now provides learners with an opportunity to advance their careers, boost their personal development and most importantly, benchmark their English language proficiency in business settings.

Why should teachers use the TOEIC 4-Skills test ?

Teachers can derive significant benefits from their learners’ scores on the TOEIC 4-Skills test. Firstly, the scores offer reliable data to inform decision-making when pre-selecting and selecting candidates for academic programs or business opportunities.

Secondly, all teachers know the importance of strategic grouping of language levels. The TOEIC 4-Skills’ scores help teachers to position learners effectively by forming level groups based on their language proficiency. Strategic grouping can help teachers to customize their teaching methods and resources, and address specific needs and challenges of each group, which in turn improve the overall learning experience.

Thirdly, the TOEIC 4-Skills test offers teachers the possibility to measure the progress of students and learners. Tracking learners’ progress can enable teachers to adapt their teaching methods or provide additional support for students who are facing challenges in the course.

Finally, the TOEIC 4-Skills scores can play a pivotal role in validating the level of English required to obtain a diploma or certification. With the score data, teachers can align their language course curriculum with certification requirements of the institution or the accrediting commissions.

Combining automated-scoring and human scoring

A rigorous scoring process ensures that the TOEIC Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing tests deliver accurate and reliable results. Qualified human raters ensure that the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests deliver accurate and reliable results. For fairness, each individual test is scored by multiple raters, and raters are constantly monitored for consistency. The tests are based on up-to-date, real-world workplace scenarios.

This comprehensive approach provides meaningful feedback on a test taker’s ability to perform a range of tasks in both written and spoken contexts, such as understanding explanations, connecting information in different real-world texts, being understood by native and non-native speakers and expressing opinions in English. The reported score for each skill contains detailed feedback on a test taker’s ability to participate in workplace conversations and write emails.

What is the test format and content?

The TOEIC Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing assessments aim to evaluate crucial English communication skills applicable in various work settings and daily activities. These skills encompass the ability to comprehend explanations and instructions, as well as follow public discussions and announcements. The tests cover a broad spectrum of communication situations, including telephone conversations, presentations, and email writing, reflecting the diverse linguistic demands of professional and personal communication. Rooted in current workplace situations, the test questions provide a realistic reflection of real-world demands.

Test-takers have the flexibility to complete the test together in a single session or individually, with options for the Listening and Reading section, Speaking section, and Writing section.

In which countries is the TOEIC 4-Skills test available?

The TOEIC 4-Skills test is available in the following countries :

  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey

Tips for teaching the TOEIC 4-Skills courses

Effectively teaching a TOEIC 4-Skills course requires a combination of targeted skill development, authentic materials, official resources and strategic planning. ETS also provide a myriad of free and paid resources to complement your teaching strategies:

  • The TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course (TOLPC) is a self-paced and accessible course. It includes 24 topic-based skill-building units, learners also have voice narration in the same voices they will hear on the actual TOEIC test and an automated score report complete with an estimate of your learner's TOEIC score range, as well as diagnostic feedback similar to the official score report.

  • Super PREPA for the TOEIC test is a great new platform, with 600 free questions, which students enjoy using. From their computer, smartphone or tablet, they can practice for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test. In partnership with Hachette and Digischool, this application now contains: 600 TOEIC® official questions, 4 mock tests, 600 pedagogical explanations and 60 grammar lessons.

  • ETS has collaborated with Hachette editions, to share official TOEIC preparation materials. There are only 3 Official books in France, which can be found here and in every good bookshop in France.

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