The TOEIC test in Egypt during the pandemic

Throughout this year the whole world faced a new reality.

The lockdown forced new solutions to be invented to adapt to the new circumstances so as to continue to support learning and facilitate certification. The new conditions are going to stay with us even longer than expected.

Amideast, the TOEIC® test representative in Egypt, faced the dilemma on how to provide language assessments within the new restrictions established by the government. Together with ETS Global, we found the solution on how to cope with this challenge. AMIDEAST provided the universities with the online version of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test and the TOEIC Bridge® test with a remote proctoring solution that ensured the testing experience kept its core values of quality, fairness and equity.

Merit university aims to level its admitted students to international standards that bridge the gap between academics and business world, AMIDEAST TOEIC test application allowed us to achieve that goal.

Dr. Seddik Afifi, Merit University

The solution implemented all over Egypt has been the first with such a flexible response to the situation in the academic sector. It was met with positive feedback both from the university authorities as well as test takers themselves.

“We are excited to support Egyptian universities seeking to ensure an international standard of language proficiency for their applicants. This year, Badr University, Sinai University, and Merit University used the online version of the TOEIC Bridge test as part of their respective application processes.”, said Shahinaz Ahmed, Amideast.

Since August, universities such as Badr Uninversity of Cairo, Sinai University and Merit University, whose policy is to be internationally recognised and to ensure the graduates better opportunities to start a global career, have conducted more than 8000 tests for admission purposes.

“AMIDEAST implementation of the TOEIC programme assisted Badr University to benchmark its admitted students to international standards. The TOEIC programme helped BUC to evaluate our student ability to evolve in an English-speaking professional environment.”, said Dr. Ibrahim El-Kalla, from the Badr University of Cairo.

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