ETS Global’s Disability Mission

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Equity is a central concern for ETS. Strict procedures are in place every step of the way, from designing to administering exams, in order to ensure equity for test takers.

ETS Global's commitment to equity

Ensuring test fairness and impartiality requires creating assessments that do not disadvantage any group of test takers because of individual characteristics such as origin, ethnicity, sex/gender or disability. Disability Mission exists to serve this purpose for the disabled community.

Indeed, ETS Global, in charge of organising ETS tests in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, makes certain arrangements for people with disabilities.

What is our Disability Mission?

ETS Global’s Disability Mission aims to ensure the implementation of special accommodations necessary for taking ETS tests, in particular the TOEIC® test. Potential accommodations may include (non-exhaustive list):

  • Extra time
  • Testing breaks
  • Audio tests (only a part of the test for blind people)
  • Enlargement text
  • Braille tests
  • Omission of the Listening section
  • As well as any other accommodation generally required by the test taker sitting the exam

There are numerous possible accommodations, and they require special organization to ensure the availability of a separate room, specific test material, an accompanying person, etc. This requires planning in advance to enable all test takers to sit the TOEIC® test in the best conditions.

Steps to follow if you need a special accommodation

Registration must be completed at least 4 weeks before the test date to enable our teams and test centres to properly organise all necessary accommodations.

Step 1 : Before registering, please fill out the test session accommodation request form and send it (with the required supporting documents) to Disability Mission.

Step 2 : ETS Global's Disability Mission authorises the accommodation request and sends you a letter of approval which is valid for 1 year.

Step 3 : Once you have received the letter of approval, you can proceed with your registration. You have two choices:

  • If you are taking the test at a Public Programme Test Centre, you must contact the test centre and confirm the appropriate accommodations and the date of the session. Upon confirmation, you can register directly on our website. 
  • If you are taking the test at your school / place of work, you must contact the institution's administrative department to complete your registration.

On the day of the test, you must bring your accommodation approval to the test centre.

See our FAQ section and the Examinee Handbook for your chosen test to learn more about accommodation requests.