ETS Global strengthens its position with Pipplet

Pipplet completes a range of language assessment both digital and face-to-face testing.

ETS Global, a subsidiary of ETS, creator of the TOEIC® and TOEFL® tests, has acquired Pipplet, a start-up specializing in language assessment for companies. Pipplet’s evaluations are used for recruitment, internal mobility, language audits and skills certification.

Since 2015, Pipplet has allowed recruiters from all over the world to verify candidates’ abilities to work in a foreign language. More than 30,000 candidates have been tested in 28 different languages, from English to Vietnamese, speeding up the recruitment process for hundreds of companies, from fast-growing start-ups to large consulting groups.


Through fully online distribution and integration with widely used HR software, Pipplet has acquired a key position in the recruitment process, especially in sectors where multilingualism and oral skills are important, such as customer service.

“The international recognition and robustness of the TOEIC tests, combined with Pipplet's digital roots, will enable ETS Global to meet the current challenges of the assessment sector, which requires accurate results, consistency and accessibility at all times,” says Jeremie Rossignol, Managing Director, ETS Global. “Pipplet extends the range of assessment services offered by ETS Global which will now cover all the needs of a rapidly evolving sector. This will include standardised academic tests, oral evaluations for specific sectors, and digital certification for individuals.”

Initially developed in France, Pipplet has gone international with an online-only model, and will now be able to rely on the ETS Global’s international influence, including seven offices and network partners in 80 countries.

Baptiste Derongs, one of Pipplet cofounders.

This cross-border acquisition of Pipplet is part of our core growth strategy in corporate language learning and assessment services,” says Ralph Taylor-Smith, Managing Director of ETS Strategic Capital who arranged the M&A transaction. “The newly formed ETS Strategic Capital, a unit of ETS, is actively exploring global business diversification in learning, assessment and education-related technologies on behalf of ETS and its corporate subsidiaries, through Mergers/Acquisitions, Equity Investments and Growth Partnerships.”