ETS Global signs an agreement with Macmillan Education Ltd

The TOEFL ITP tests delivered in Turkey

In October 2020, ETS Global B.V. has signed an agreement with Macmillan Education Ltd in Turkey initially for the TOEFL ITP® test.

Macmillan Education strives to provide the highest quality books, tools, and content for students around the world and to build strong partnerships with educators across their curriculum, language learning and higher education divisions by introducing new methodologies, developing print and digital resources, and providing sound teaching practice and pedagogy that inspire learners to achieve more. It is a global publisher with a regional focus and with a local presence in over 120 countries, of which Turkey is one.

Macmillan Education Turkey aims to cover a wide range of areas from curriculum to assessment, from pre-schools to universities – in their service and content portfolio.

"As Macmillan Education, we do know the importance of Testing, Assessment and Qualification in English Language Teaching and Learning as an educational solutions provider hence we have been searching the grounds of a collaboration/partnership opportunity with ETS to address the testing and assessment needs that is eligible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)  of our customers in Turkey and North Cyprus. I am very happy to start this partnership with ETS Global and add another important capability into our ELT/ELL solution offering", said Erdem Hacifazlioğlu, Head of Northern & Southern Europe, Macmillan Education

The main focus of the agreement is for Macmillan Education to offer the TOEFL ITP® test to measure and evaluate the English level of the prep students within institutions in Turkey. It is part of a portfolio of services and tools which Macmillan Education offers to these institutions including books, learning tools, teacher professional development, and accreditation services related to European institutional accreditation.

“We are confident that our “Institutional Language Learning and Assessment Program” will meet the needs of the institutions for their tertiary students by measuring and evaluating their English Language skills with the most prestigious standardized test in the world. I am grateful for our collaboration with Macmillan Education with whom we will work together to offer the best solution for institutions for their ELL and assessment needs”, emphasized Simla Yuceakin, Turkey Office Representative (Sr), ETS Global B.V. Turkey.

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