English impacts your business and helps drive growth: 78% of companies say their need for English language proficiency has increased in the past three years and 81% expect their need to continue to increase over the next three years*. Assessing your current employees’ English skills to identify their training needs, support mobility or promotion decisions or hiring the candidates with the right English skills is essential to your business.

*according to the "Why English Matters" study carried out by IPSOS for ETS, based on 749 interviews with HR managers from multinational companies.

Do you want to assess applicants English-language proficiency?

Make the right decision with the TOEIC® tests

Hiring employees with the right level of English can be essential to your business, helping drive growth and increasing your global impact. Decision-makers worldwide use TOEIC® tests to determine who can communicate effectively in English and at what level.

The TOEIC® programme has been the global standard for assessing professional English language skills for 40 years, and ETS Global remains an industry leader trusted by over 14,000 organisations in more than 160 countries.

Do you want to assess your current employees’ English skills?

Support your employees personal and professional development

ETS English tests offer you a complete, accurate picture of English levels for four language areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing. With scores mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the comprehensive data you receive helps you make informed decisions for your organisation. The TOEIC® programme can help you monitor progress, assess English training needs, and identify skilled employees for international mobility or promotion.

Looking for assessments in languages other than English?

Pipplet is the right solution for you

Pipplet provides online language assessments in over 40 languages, for companies. Particularly useful for recruiting your multilingual profiles, Pipplet assesses your candidates' oral and written skills, and assigns them a CEFR score ranging from beginner to advanced (A1 to C2).