Social Responsibility Mission

ETS Global B.V.

Besides supporting education through our assessment and learning tools, ETS Global B.V.’s commitment to creating substantial and lasting change in society is reflected as well in our social mission. This has inspired us to support “OXFAM Novib” and also "War Child".

OXFAM Novib & War Child

Involvement in and commitment to children’s education is of vital importance for a country’s economic and social growth. OXFAM Novib and War Child projects contribute to sustainable development worldwide specifically where poverty and lack of human rights are impacting the quality of life of local communities and where schools are missing the most basic needs to provide a good learning environment for their pupils. ETS Global B.V. has a large and increasing network of partners across the globe, which allows us to strengthen our relationship with society.

We are proud and feel humble at the same time to be able to do this with the help of our customers, our employees and our partners, to make our social responsibility mission come alive.