Effectively target your areas of improvement!

Laurence Carlinet, Director of ETS Global, France

For the release of the book "Grammaire Vocabulaire du test TOEIC®", we had the pleasure of speaking with Laurence Carlinet, Director of ETS Global, France and Cécile Labro, Director of the Extracurricular Department of Hachette Education.

After "La Bible Officielle des Tests TOEIC®" and "Les Tests Officiels Corrigés", why add a new book to the collection of official TOEIC® test guides? 

Cécile Labro: The "Bible" offers complete and exhaustive preparation for the TOEIC® test; the "Tests Officiels" allows you to test yourself just like on test day. Teachers preparing their students for the TOEIC® test have expressed the need for an additional tool to improve their students' level of English. This requires a book with more content focused on grammar and vocabulary.

Laurence Carlinet: Our aim is to complete the range of TOEIC® test preparation tools and offer a consistent choice according to students' needs.

What type of preparation does the book "Grammaire Vocabulaire du Test TOEIC®" offer?

CL: The book includes 24 grammar lessons and 34 vocabulary topics for business English that are consistent with material found on the TOEIC® test. Each lesson consists of a grammar concept and a list of words from the vocabulary theme, with numerous examples offered. Various exercises are proposed to help the students reinforce the concepts along with one or more extracts from an official TOEIC® test, which allow you to practice with the objective of maximising your score.

LC: The structure of this new book is different from that of "La Bible", which strictly follows the seven parts of the TOEIC® test. "Grammaire Vocabulaire" is made up of different themes and thus allows you to effectively target the areas that require review.

How does the book "Grammaire Vocabulaire du Test TOEIC®" complement the other official guides?

CL: What was missing was a book that focuses on grammar and vocabulary concepts, which are not only useful for the TOEIC® test, but more generally for improving the level of students' English proficiency.

LC: Grammar and vocabulary are important components of the TOEIC® test that help increase one's score on both parts of the test. The best thing about all the books in the series is that they use real TOEIC® tests that were updated in June 2018; all examples and explanations come from real test materials!