How to boost your Parcoursup application with the TOEIC® test?

Discover ETS Global and Education First's speech on the importance of mastering English to access higher education and advice on how to enhance your Parcoursup application with a TOEIC score.

On January 18th, future baccalaureate students began entering their wishes on the Parcoursup platform. Properly preparing your application is essential to give yourself the best chance of getting into the program of your choice.

The TOEIC score: an asset for your Parcoursup application

Since speaking English is important in many professional fields, proving your level of English will add value to your Parcoursup application. Used by many engineering and business schools, universities, IUTs, and specialized schools in France, the TOEIC test  can make the difference in your  Parcoursup application, especially if English proficiency is integral to  the application evaluation criteria. 

If you are applying to enroll in graduate studies, check out the Supertalks by Digischool live replay  for information on the following topics: 

- The level of English expected by the different programs/schools  

- Going abroad  

- How to highlight your English skills in your Parcoursup application 

Some courses, those explicitly focused on the international market, require a good level of language skills: BTS in international trade, business schools programs, courses with an English-speaking curriculum, courses in the hotel industry, bachelor’s degrees in foreign languages, luxury, etc. 

But this is also the case for "more general" courses where language skills are required by national expectations for the course. 

Listed below are the programs that are among the TOP 20 most requested in 2022 on Parcoursup and for which the level of English counts: 

2nd – Health degree (663,079 applications)  

3rd - Master of Engineering (546,503 applications)  

4th – Law degree (294,972 applications)  

6th - University Bachelor of Technology in Marketing (178,661 applications)  

13th – Grande Ecole Program business school (137,755 applications)  

15th - BTS in international business studies (102,520 applications)  

17th - Sciences Po (93,188 applications)  

18th – BA Modern Languages (84 736 applications)