The Company

ETS Global

ETS Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is the international arm of ETS that brings the company expertise to educational and business communities around the world.

Believing in the power of learning

ETS is a non-profit organisation where teams are passionate about their mission to advance quality and equity in education for all people worldwide because they believe in the power of learning. ETS teams strive to provide innovative and meaningful measurement solutions that improve teaching and learning, expand educational opportunities, and inform policy.

At ETS Global B.V., we bring expertise to educational and business communities around the world, including companies, language schools, academic institutions and public service organisations. ETS Global serves 80 countries across Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We offer a range of ETS products, services and learning solutions, including English-language assessments, standardised tests, training and consulting.

ETS Global B.V. offers a wide range of Language Assessments like the TOEIC® tests, the TOEFL® tests or the TFI test, as well as standardized tests, preparation tools and learning solutions for non-native speakers.

In 2020, ETS Global B.V. has acquired Pipplet, a start-up specialising in language assessment used for recruitment, internal mobility, language audits and skills certification for companies. Since its foundation, Pipplet has allowed recruiters from all over the world to verify candidates’ abilities to work in a foreign language. With assessments in 40 different languages, from English to Vietnamese, Pipplet is speeding up the recruitment process for hundreds of companies, from fast-growing start-ups to large consulting groups.

Along with the headquarter in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), ETS Global also has offices in France, Poland, Turkey, Korea and China.