The TOEIC® test: a real asset to your employability

Showcase your English language skills with the TOEIC® test

According to our survey of more than 3,000 TOEIC® test takers, 92% of them chose the TOEIC® test because it is recognised by recruiters. Learn more about test takers’ choices and the impact of TOEIC® certification on their careers.

Test takers are very enthusiastic about the TOEIC® test

Test takers understand the importance of certifying their English level with the TOEIC® test; 60% of them initiated the certification process. 25% and 15% of test takers chose the TOEIC® certification on the recommendation of their educational institute and their employers respectively.

Recognition and quality are the main reasons test takers chose TOEIC® certification, with 60% praising its employer recognition and 53% its quality. Finally, 48% of test takers choose TOEIC® certification for its international recognition.

Reasons to take the TOEIC® test: to develop your employability

As the certification’s employer recognition is first in test takers’ priorities, they naturally turn to TOEIC® tests as 92% of them say the TOEIC® test is recognised by recruiters.

Additionally, 91% of test takers believe the TOEIC® test enhances their resume and 88% that a TOEIC® score sets them apart in the recruitment process.

Infographic on the impact of the TOEIC test on employability

7 out of 10 test takers say that their TOEIC® score improves their employability

They believe that the test allows them to:

  • State their case convincingly in a professional interview (67%).
  • Develop their career (56%).
  • Find a job (53%).
  • Achieve new professional responsibilities (49%).


"Evaluating one's professional skills, and more specifically one's language level, is a seal of employability. This approach not only allows you to take stock of your skills at a given moment, but also to plan your career. This study highlights the extent to which certifications enrich one's professional life." Laurence Carlinet, Executive Director France & New Partnerships of ETS Global.

Source: Survey of 3,144 candidates who took the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test after an English course between 2019 and 2021. Conducted at the request of ETS Global in February 2022 by the Voice of the Customer Institute.