The TOEIC 4-Skills tests measure, in a single test session, the level of oral and written comprehension, and oral and written expression skills in English from beginner to advanced levels in a professional context and in an everyday life setting.

The certification contains detailed comments on a test taker's ability to be understood by native and non-native English speakers, to take part in conversations, to express opinions, to produce written documents (emails, presentations, etc.).

Did you know?

Including a TOEIC score on your CV enhances your employability, as this certification is recognized worldwide by recruiters.

English is the language of professional opportunities. The TOEIC 4-Skills certification allows you to:

  • validate the level of English required by an academic intitution in order to obtain a diploma or access higher education;
  • boost your employability by standing out from other applicants when planning an internal or international mobility project, looking for a job or considering a promotion.

The tests questions reflect real-life situations encountered in the workplace and in everyday life.

  • Listening: 45 questions in 25 minutes
  • Speaking: 5 tasks in 20 minutes
  • Reading: 45 questions in 37 minutes
  • Writing: 3 tasks in 60 minutes.


  • Photographs
  • Questions - Response
  • Conversations
  • Talks


  • Incomplete Sentences
  • Text Completion
  • Reading Comprehension


5 tasks in 20 minutes

  • Read a text aloud
  • Describe a picture
  • Respond to questions
  • Respond to questions using provided information
  • Express an opinion


3 tasks in 60 minutes

  • Write a sentence based on a picture
  • Respond to a written request
  • Write an opinion essay (minimum 300 words).

Please note that there are no penalty points for wrong answers in the MCQ section.

TOEIC® Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing tests sessions are organized throughout the year at one of our Public Program test centers.

You can register directly via our website by clicking on the "Register" button. Depending on your availability and location, you'll easily find a public test center near you.

Please note that you'll need to upload a passport-style photo before the day of the test, as it will appear on your score report.

If you are taking an English language course or are a student, your training organization, school or university may offer you the opportunity to take the tests as part of your studies or training. If this is the case, please contact your school or university to find out how to register.

On the day of the test, please bring:

  • a valid form of identification bearing your name and signature
  • the admission form
  • a consent form for test-takers under the age of 18, completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Without the completed and signed consent form, you will not be admitted to the testing room. Download the consent form.

On the day of the test, you will be asked to sign an admission form, which will be provided to you either in advance by e-mail during the registration process, or on site by test center staff. This admission form is required to take the test and will be collected by test center staff at the end of the test session.

To be fully informed about the test procedure and the identity documents accepted, you must read the Examinee Handbook.

The TOEIC 4-Skills tests are not a "pass" or "fail" tests. Regardless of your level, you will receive a score report showing your score for each of the four skills.

Scoring scale

  • The Listening and Reading sections are scored from 4 to 495 points each.
  • The total of the Listening and Reading sections is scored from 10 to 990 points.
  • Speaking and Writing sections are scored from 10 to 200 points each.
  • Each result is mapped onto the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from level A1 to C1.

Validity of scores

  • Scores are valid for 2 years.
  • The Public Program score report is valid worldwide.
  • Scores can be consulted via the QR code on your digital score report, which you can pass on to a recruiter, employer, educational manager or admissions officer.

Scores delivery date

Your scores and digital score report will be available in your online account within 10 business days after the test date. You will also be notified of the availability of your digital score report by email.

To prepare for the Listening and Reading sections, you can use:

To prepare for the Speaking and Writing sections, you can download the sample test below:

Test information

  • Total test time: 2h22
  • Validity of scores: 2 years
  • Format: computer-based test
  • Levels assessed: beginner to advanced (CEFR levels A1 to C1)
  • Skills assessed: written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression
  • Discounts valid for taking the tests: students, military members and jobseekers

A brighter future within reach

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Are you working or looking for a job?

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I am looking for a job abroad, I want to boost my resume with a TOEIC test score

Anonymous, Jobseeker

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I sat the TOEFL iBT test during my Master’s application process, it was huge asset in my case. I got a high score, thanks to that I got a scholarship.

Pamela, Wageningen University (Cochabamba, Bolivia)