Teaching TOEFL iBT® Skills Workshop

To help you prepare your students for the TOEFL iBT® test

Led in English by our TOEFL experts from ETS Global, the Teaching TOEFL iBT Skills Workshop is a professional development opportunity for English teachers. This workshop will be a unique space for teachers to connect, share experiences, and earn a certificate of completion while enhancing their teaching skills.

Advantages of the Teaching TOEFL iBT Skills Workshop

During these workshops, our experts will provide you with strategies and techniques for preparing for the TOEFL iBT test. They will allow teachers to better understand the test and help test takers take it. This interactive workshop will allow you to: 

  • know the fundamentals of the test design in order to answer candidates' questions more completely; 
  • master the different skills assessed by the test, as well as the scoring methods; 
  • have optimal teaching practices and preparation strategies; 
  • exchange between professionals on different educational approaches; 
  • obtain a certificate of completion. 

Highly qualified trainers 

Our experts are former English teachers and have been trained by ETS to lead these workshops, which will be entirely in English. They will lead these workshops entirely in English. To guarantee the quality of discussions, the number of places will be limited to 20 people. 

Educational contributions

Qualitative and very complete educational support will be provided to each participant. These workshops offer :

· Skill Development: Strategies and activities are provided for developing test takers’ skills.

· Group Work: collaborating with teachers from all over the world in small groups using materials provided.

· Score Analysis: using rubrics, score descriptors, and benchmarks to rate real test taker responses.

· Material Integration: Guidance on how to integrate existing test preparation materials into classes.

· Ongoing Support: After the training, the point of contact remains available to answer any questions and assist further.

· ETS Certification: Teachers receive official certificates of attendance upon completion of the workshop.

How to organize or participate in a Teaching TOEFL iBT Skills Workshop? 

If you would like to organize a Teaching TOEFL iBT Skills Workshop for teachers at your institution, please contact our ELT team at: teaching@etsglobal.org


Depending on the number of teachers and the needs of your institution, workshop can take place in your premises, in our premises in Paris or remotely by videoconference.