ETS Global supports the Acteurs de la Compétence Ethics Charter

ETS Global supports the qualities of training offers within the framework of the CPF

With a growing increase in fraud concerning the use of CPF funds, ETS Global has decided to get involved with various certification players while respecting the ethics charter.

ETS Global supports the Ethics charter

As recently reported in the media and in our industry, professional training account (CPF) funds are subject to fraud which discredits the entire professional training sector. As a member of Acteurs de la Compétences (formerly FFP) and a major player in certification, ETS Global is dedicated, alongside all players in the sector, to defending the quality of the training course offerings and the proper use of public funds (CPF).

ETS Global supports the Ethics Charter published by Acteurs de la Compétence:

  • It enlightens consumers who would like to use their CPF.
  • It promotes the development of a quality offering on, and ensures a relationship of trust based on the consumers free and informed consent.
  • It is based on legal rules applicable to the profession and the MonCompteFormation terms of service (CGU). 

Ethics Charter - Compte Personel de Formation (CPF)

We would also like to reinforce our validation criteria for training organisation clients who would like to be referenced on EDOF with TOEIC certifications, through a stricter verification of their compliance with the criteria of the charter and therefore their authorisation to use public funds (CPF).