TOEIC Speaking test updates

Find out what changes have been made to the test

From August 2021, refinements have been made to the TOEIC Speaking test as part of an ongoing effort to align the assessments with the continuously evolving landscape of English learning and usage.

As the use and learning of English evolves and changes, ETS regularly revisits its assessments to ensure the tests meet the current needs of test takers and score users. To make certain that the TOEIC® Speaking test continues to measure the spoken English-language proficiency needed to communicate in the international workplace, refinements have been made.

What changes have been made to the TOEIC Speaking test?

  • Task type "Propose a Solution" has been eliminated.
  • One question has been added for the “Describe a Picture” task type.
  • The response time for “Describe a Picture” questions has been reduced from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.

These changes do not affect the test difficulty range, score scale, test levels, level descriptors, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages mapping table, or score reports.

These changes will be transparent to candidates and will benefit them as they look to demonstrate their English speaking ability for workplace communication.

Dr. Feng Yu, Executive Director of the TOEIC® program at ETS