Together for education and innovation. ETS Global welcomes ETS President and CEO Amit Sevak.

In September 2022, ETS Global welcomed President and CEO of ETS Amit Sevak at the company office in Paris.

Since joining ETS as President and CEO in March 2022, Amit has embarked on a global tour to visit ETS subsidiaries all over the globe, including in Europe, Middle East and India.

Visiting ETS Global

During his visit to Paris, Amit met with ETS Global staff members, including country managers and digital marketing managers coming from all across the EMEA region, to discuss the increasing significance of educational access and diversity through fair and valid assessment solutions, a subject that is quintessential to the core mission of ETS and ETS Global.

Mr. Sevak’s visit allowed him to learn more about ETS Global operations in EMEA and provided a unique opportunity for the ETS Global team to hear Amit speak about the future of English language learning as well as for him to share motivational insights to reinforce the importance of working toward a better and brighter future, for the generations ahead.

In Paris, Amit took the time to sit down and talk about the value of assessments, innovation through data-based education, and taking a chance on the future.

In some ways, a test is nothing but a celebration of knowledge. And I think that's the spirit in which I see our employees’ embracing assessments.

- Amit Sevak, President and CEO, ETS

ETS Global welcomes ETS President and CEO Amit Sevak