ETS's Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Opportunity

Letter from ETS CEO, Walt MacDonald to employees.

As discussions among our customers, partners and employees continues, ETS CEO Walt MacDonald penned this letter to employees reminding them of ETS principles that guide our organisation’s vision, purpose and daily work.

Dear Colleagues:

In light of recent events, it is important that ETS reiterate — indeed, underscore — its commitment to diversity, inclusion and opportunity through education for learners worldwide. These are core principles that guide all that we do. Every product that we design and deliver, every service that we offer, every employment policy and practice that we implement is informed and animated by these principles.

As you know, ETS is a global company with a history of delivering services to students in nearly every country, often despite great challenges and obstacles on both sides of the equation. There remain many places in the world where education is unpopular and unwelcome, and where students assume risk just to learn. Our obligation to those students is all the greater, and we will never shrink from it. All students should have access to educational opportunities regardless of their country of origin, their religious practices, their personal beliefs or their country’s politics. We believe these are not only ETS’s values, but those of the United States as well, in aspiration if not always in practice.

Education is a powerful means for bringing individuals and communities together across borders of all kinds and to promote mutual understanding and tolerance in ways that builds a better world for us all. That is why ETS never has and never will compromise our principles of diversity, inclusion and opportunity. Our mission is clear: to advance quality and equity for all learners worldwide.

Thank you for reflecting these principles in everything you do.


Walt MacDonald

President and CEO