ETS Global referenced in the Data Dock

Data Dock: the certifying body for TOEIC tests and the test preparation tool.

Since May 16, 2017, ETS Global has been referenced in Data Dock as a certification body for TOEIC® tests and the TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course (TOEIC® Listening and Reading test preparation tool). From now on, each training organisation will be able to include ETS Global in its reference catalogue according to its own procedures.

What is the Data dock ?

The Data Dock is the name of the database resulting from the collaboration of about twenty OPCAs and OPACIFs. It is an information sharing tool that identifies all quality training organisations.

It allows OPCAs to check the compliance of training organisations with the 6 quality criteria defined by law. Each training organisation is required to submit factual evidence that it meets the 21 selected indicators, such as the training programme or the qualification of trainers. Download the list of indicators by clicking here.  

The Data dock is a tool that simplifies the procedures of training organisations. It centralises all information in one place to be referenced by OPCAs and OPACIFs. Only one registration is required to contact all the paying agencies associated with the Data Dock project. Data Dock referencing thus allows a faster and simpler management of support files.