Who are the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test-takers?

When taking TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests, test-takers are asked to fill out a Background Questionnaire.

The questionnaire is a survey that gathers information about TOEIC® Speaking and Writing test takers’ educational backgrounds, work experience, English-language study and everyday use, and test taking experience.

Who are typical TOEIC test-takers?

In 2018, 41% of TOEIC® Speaking and Writing test-takers were full-time students, while 38% were full-time employees. In terms of industries in which test-takers worked, 38% worked in manufacturing and 24% in the service industry. Other positions mentioned included: clerical/administrative (22%), technical (16%) and scientific/technical professional (14%). Our data also showed that 51% of test-takers took the TOEIC Speaking test as part of a job application, and 21% did so to achieve a promotion.

Test-takers’ experience with English

In terms of experience with the English language, a vast majority of test-takers had spent more than 6 years studying English (84%). However, only 20% had spent six months or more in a native English-speaking country.

Overall, 39% of test-takers used English in 1-10% of their daily life. 23% of test-takers selected Listening and Speaking as their most often used English-language skills. Almost half (47%) “sometimes” had difficulty with communicating in English, and 42% indicated Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing as their most emphasized skills when studying English.

The Report on Test Takers Worldwide shows that TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are used for many different purposes and by a variety of people. More information from these studies can be found in the full report, which can help you gain a better understanding of test-takers’ backgrounds and their reasons for taking the test.