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Day 1, Tuesday April 16th

Title: A Teacher’s Dream: Adapting Teaching Materials Like Magic!
Presenters: Alyssa Francis and Pablo Garcia Gomez
Time and Room: 10:35-11:20, Syndicate 4 - Brighton Centre

Title: Using Backward Course Design for Prioritizing Learning Outcomes in Instruction
Presenter: Celestina Cardoz Maury
Time and Room: 14:50-15:20, Syndicate 2 - Brighton Centre

Day 2, Wednesday April 17th

Title: Writing for an Academic Discussion: All You Need to Know
Presenter: Joanna Wrzesinska
Time and Room: 12:05-12:50, Meeting Room 3 - Brighton Centre

Title: Pop-up Presentation: TOEFL Trivia Quiz with Prizes!
Presenters: Celestina Cardoz Maury and Marta Zaninelli Ph.D.
Time and Room: 15:35 – 15:50, Exhibition Hall

Title: Can Teaching Academic English and Assessment for Learning Cooperate?
Zeynep Oğul
Time and Room:
16:00-16:30, Syndicate 2 - Brighton Centre

Title: Applying Evidence – Centered Design to Standardized and Classroom Assessments
Presenter: Edward Getman Ed.D.
Time and Room: 16:45-17:15, Auditorium 1 - Brighton Centre

Day 3, Thursday April 18th

Title: Literary Exploration as a Source of Empowerment for Reading Assessment
Presenter: Marta Zaninelli Ph.D.
Time and Room: 11:05-11:35, Meeting Room 3 - Brighton Centre

Title: Fostering Inclusivity in ELL Classroom Assessment: How to Achieve It?
Presenter: Arum Perwitasari Ph.D.
Time and Room: 16:20-16:50, Meeting Room 1A - Brighton Centre

Day 4, Friday April 19th

Title: Creating a Collaborative Online Workshop for International Young Learner Educators
Presenter: Jean Alderman and Lorraine Sova Ph.D.
Time and Room: 10:20-10:50, Syndicate 4 - Brighton Centre


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