ETS Global B.V. supports Oxfam Novib

Social Responsibility Mission

In 2017, ETS Global B.V. became a Business Supporting Ambassador of the international Non-Profit Organisation Oxfam Novib. The donations made to this NGO will help communities living in developing countries through financing small businesses initiatives. Indeed, by offering flexible loans to future entrepreneurs, the NGO is able to support local communities in order to develop promising and realistic projects. Those projects are helping local communities to lift themselves out of poverty by creating jobs, resources and new opportunities.

Who is OXFAM Novib?

Created in 1956 in the Netherlands, Oxfam Novib is a world-wide development organisation that mobilizes the power of people against poverty and lack of human rights thanks to practical and innovative initiatives. The vision of this organisation is to empower local communities to be catalysts for change. Oxfam Novib is committed to the highest standards of integrity and holds others (governments, organisations and individuals) accountable for their actions.

Oxfam Novib is one of 17 affiliates of the Oxfam confederation, who together work with local partners in 94 countries. Oxfam Novib has the lead role in Oxfam’s work in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Egypt, Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories/Israel, Somalia, Uganda and Vietnam. See the full list.

The vision: nine billion people will live equitably and free from the injustice of poverty, on a planet that has the natural resources to sustain them.

We believe in supporting employability of people worldwide, whether it is through our assessments solutions for the workplace or through the sponsoring of micro credits which are essential for people in creating work and income for their community or for themselves. Helping people achieving these ambitions supports the overall drive of ETS Global.

Gerben van Lent, ETS Global Executive Director- Strategy and Business Growth.

OXFAM Novib’s missions

  • Right to sustainable livelihood resources - 20% of the world’s population doesn't have a fair income nor enough to eat. Oxfam Novib is working on bettering access to land and water but also on fair working and trading conditions.
  • Right to basic social services - Education and health care are essential for building better societies. Yet even as we make progress towards universal primary education, around the world, there are still 130 million kids in school who fail to learn basic reading, writing and maths. When governments fail to deliver, Oxfam together with partner organisations invests in quality basic social services.
  • Right to life and security - Natural disasters, climate change and armed conflicts hit millions of people every year. Oxfam Novib supports them with relief aid and reconstruction. And prepare people to prevent or mitigate the effects of disasters and conflicts.
  • Right to social and political participation - Knowledge is power. Oxfam believes that people can participate in public decisions that affect them, they can build independent livelihoods and thriving communities. Together with partners, we give people access to information and a voice.
  • Right to an identity - Gender inequality is both a violation of human rights and an obstacle to sustainable development. In a just world, there is no place for the discrimination of women and minorities.