Mission Handicap: simplification and updates

Read about our accommodations approval process and latest news

We want to ensure fairness and accessibility for all ETS test takers. ETS Global's Mission Handicap is dedicated to ensuring that all necessary accommodations are in place so that people with disabilities can take the TOEIC® test.

On October 1, 2021, ETS Global simplified the process for requesting nonstandard testing accommodations. Registration must be completed at least 4 weeks before the test date in order to allow our teams and test centres to properly organise the necessary accommodations.

Step 1: accommodation request

Before registering, the test taker must fill out the test session accommodation request form at least 4 weeks before the desired test date. They then send it (with the required supporting documents) to Mission Handicap.

  • ETS Global's Mission Handicap authorises the accommodation request and sends the test taker a letter of approval. This approval is valid for 1 year.
  • The test taker contacts the test centre to set up the necessary accommodations.

Step 2: registration (4 weeks before the session)

There are two options for candidates

  • If the test taker is going to sit the test at a Public Programme Test Centre, they will register directly on our website. They should sign up for the date agreed upon with the test centre, subject to availability.
  • If the test taker is going to sit the test at their school / place of work, they must contact the institution's administrative department to complete their registration.

On the day of the test, test takers must bring the accommodation agreement with them and give it to the session administrator.

Mission Handicap update

The letter of approval for an accommodation request is now valid for 1 year from the date of issue. This means that any test taker who wishes to sit several tests in one year will not need to renew their request.

See our FAQ section and the Examinee Handbook for your chosen test to learn more about accommodation requests.