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All test registrations shall be submitted through our website by clicking on "Register to a test". Your registration will then be finalised and confirmed by email once the online payment is validated.

By clicking on the "Register to a test" button, you will access all the tests sessions dates available nearby or in the selected city.

Please make sure the country selected corresponds to the country where you wish to register. If it is the case, there might be sessions available in this country. To see them, please click on "Show the map", click on "-" to see all the sessions available in this country. If it is not the case, you may change the country and proceed as mentioned above.

If you can't find any test session in your city we invite you to extend your research to the neighbouring cities. You can also avoid selecting a city in order to visualise all available test sessions in your country. Once a test session is fully booked, it will no longer appear on our website.

Prices vary depending on the test, the options and services selected. We invite you to visit our online store and select the test of your choice.

If you haven't received a booking confirmation when registering to one of our tests, we invite you to check your spam folder. You can also have access to your appointments through your online account in the "Test to come" section. In this section, you can also resend this email. Please note that the registration confirmation is not asked the day of the test.

We invite you to check our General Terms and Conditions to learn more about our cancellation policy. You have the possibility to cancel your registration within the withdrawal period from your online account.

If you did not log in or create an account during your purchase, we invite you to click on the "My Account" button in the "Your ETS Global invoice is now available" email sent by ETS Global to link your order/registration to your online account using the same email address you used for registration.

Only after this step will your purchase order be linked to your account and you will be able to cancel your registration.

You have a choice between 3 TOEIC tests to measure your skills. You can measure your listening and reading skills depending on your proficiency level:

If you wish to assess your speaking and writing skills from intermediate to advanced level, you can take the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests.

ETS Global provides a range of accommodations for persons with disabilities or health-related needs ("a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities"). Please note that requested documents may vary for each country.

All requests for accommodation should, therefore, be sent by email before registering and at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the test.

If you need a specific accommodation during the test, you can request it by email before registering and at least three weeks before the test day.

Yes. To request a nonstandard accommodation, please send your request by email at least 3 weeks before the date of the test and before registering.

For more information, click here.

ETS Global grants appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities or with specific health needs. A request for accommodation must be submitted to ETS Global for approval each time a test is taken. Please send your request by email before registering to a test session.

Further documents might also be requested by ETS Global while reviewing your application.

On the test day, you must have an acceptable and valid ID with a signature and a recent photograph to be admitted to a test center. Acceptable primary identification documents:

  • National identification or passport for E.U test-takers taking the test in the E.U.;
  • Passport for non-Europeans test-takers (important: resident permits are not authorised);
  • Driver’s license or military identification for test-takers who are taking the test in their country of citizenship (you could, for example, use your French driver’s license to take the test in France).

For more information, do not hesitate to check the Examinee Handbook related to the test you wish to take.