Official test preparation materials

Why is it important to use ETS official TOEIC test preparation materials?

One feature of the TOEIC® tests is that there is no passing or failing score, but only a single, continuous score scale that enables you to set attainable goals and measure progress as your English language skills improve.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you should not prepare for it. Most of the time, companies and universities which require a TOEIC test score for applications have high English language proficiency expectations. Preparing for this test can be easy once you get started and, as the global standard for measuring workplace English-language communication skills used in more than 160 countries, there are many resources available to practice. In this stream of preparation material, which one should you choose to practice for the TOEIC tests?

The importance of using ETS official preparation materials

In general, whatever the test, it is always better to use official preparation materials. When a test is as known as the TOEIC test, false pieces of advice are often given and many myths about the test exist. It is essential not to listen to these and to focus on what the test is really about. The most important things when practising for an English Assessment are to focus on improving your English-language skills and to get to know the test itself to be well prepared for the D-Day. To do so, the most trustworthy way is to refer to official preparation materials. Using preparation tools that have been made or approved by ETS, the creator of the TOEIC test, is the safest solution to be sure that you will get ready for each part of the test. ETS’s preparation materials are specifically designed to help individuals develop the skills needed to succeed on the TOEIC test.

The TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course

The TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course is the only official online skill-building and test preparation course created by ETS. And because it was developed by the maker of the test, it has more official TOEIC content than any other online course (5 complete TOEIC Listening and Reading tests, more than a thousand authentic TOEIC test items, content that reflects the TOEIC test settings and scenario as well as the same narration voice). Moreover, this tool provides feedback to highlight the student strengths and weaknesses which can be used to focus on the language areas to improve. This online tool helps strengthen the English skills needed to succeed in the workplace as identified and measured by the TOEIC test. Therefore, this preparation material, instead of others not endorsed by ETS, is a guarantee of an effective preparation.

What other solutions?

The TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course is not the only valuable resource to practice for the test. The official ETS Global website offers many resources that can be used to get ready before the test, such as sample tests for instance. Other great tools to get ready are available in the Examinee Handbook. Moreover, you can find tips to get well prepared on the official TOEIC Tests Facebook page