The TOEFL Young Students Series GO! English Project Gallery

Your trip in your words

The TOEFL® Young Students Series GO! English project encourages students to participate in a group project to improve English language learning. With their teachers’ guidance, students will use their imagination and their English-language skills to take pride in creating an amazing project.

The 2019-2020 project theme was “The Places You Would GO! Your class wins a trip to go anywhere in the world. Where would you like to go? Why?”. Discover below the projects that ETS Global received!

Alfa Association (Egypt)

Amra (Palestine)

Amra Project

A.UA. Experimental English Classes (Armenia)

Integrated American School (Egypt)

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Integrated British School (Egypt)

Egypt Integrated British School Project

Integrated Schools (Egypt)

Gymnasium AIA-GESS (Georgia)

Georgian Gymnasium AIA-GESS Project

Georgian-American High School

Georgian American High School project

Manhattan International School (Egypt)

Manhattan International School project 1

Manhattan International School (Egypt)

MEV Güzelbahçe Private School (Turkey)

MEV Private School project

Gaza (Palestine)

West Bank (Palestine)

Piotra Wysockiego in Świedziebnia (Poland)

Polish project

Primary School nr 57 Towarzystwa Miłośników Miasta Bydgoszczy (Poland)

Polish second project

Turuncu Private School (Turkey)