Writing in English for a successful future

Incorporating TOEIC certifications in the academic curriculum for success.

Hogeschooltaal and ETS Global join forces to help students improve their English writing skills and assess their proficiency level with the TOEIC® test.

Hogeschooltaal's purpose

Hogeschooltaal is the digital learning and testing tool from Noordhof, the largest educational publisher in the Netherlands. It is a service-oriented platform supporting the mission to improve students' writing skills in order to maximize their chances of success in their educational, academic, and professional development. A team of specialists and innovators works daily to offer personalized educational services to the benefit of students and teachers.

Working with ETS Global

Hogeschooltaal started as a tool to develop academic writing skills in Dutch. It later expanded to include an integrated learning path for students to develop their English skills from basic to advanced proficiency (CEFR B1 to C1).

This programme offers a unique opportunity for individual students enrolling in one of Hogeschooltaal's courses to stand out on the job market.

To execute this mission, Hogeschooltaal has joined forces with ETS Global and introduced the use of the TOEIC® Writing test to help students certify their English writing skills and obtain an internationally recognized certification. The dedicated preparation courses designed by Hogeschooltaal support students in their journey to the test covering all levels.

Julia Nowee, Proposition Manager at Hogeschooltaal, explains that the collaboration with ETS Global is a big step forward for the platform.

“Hogeschooltaal sees the acknowledgement of an internationally recognized test and certificate for the students of their English programme as a great benefit. It enables students to  improve their written language skills and also to showcase these skills to employers.” - Julia Nowee


To learn more about how to incorporate TOEIC certifications into your academic curriculum, please contact us.