The TOEFL ITP tests have gone digital!

Discover the new version of the TOEFL ITP tests

As English is increasingly becoming the international language of education, and since educational programmes are gradually taking place in a digital environment, ETS Global is pleased to announce that the TOEFL ITP® tests can now also be administered digitally.

Designed to effectively measure a student’s English-language proficiency and provide teachers with valuable data, the TOEFL ITP® tests help institutions improve their English-language programme’s effectiveness and give students the English-language skills they need.

What are the TOEFL ITP® tests?

Based on the heritage of the TOEFL® test, these tests allow teachers to measure and evaluate student’s English-language skills. Highly respected English language assessments by more than 10000 universities and other institutions in over 150 countries, the TOEFL ITP® tests can be used for placement, monitoring progress, evaluation and other situations. These assessments offer unique flexibility as you can choose when you want to test and how to use the scores.

TOEFL ITP® tests can now be digitally delivered

From now on, institutions have the option to administer to TOEFL ITP® tests digitally instead of paper based. Offering a number of benefits to teachers and institutions, both level 1 and 2 of the tests can be digitally delivered.

With this new option, teachers and institutions will eliminate the need to handle paper tests and therefore, save money on paper and shipping cost. Moreover, they will receive student scores and roster reports immediately after the tests are completed.