ETS Global at the SAMS event

16th edition of the Master’s and Specialised Master’s programmes in Paris

ETS Global participated in the SAMS fair (Master’s and Specialised Master’s programmes) organised by Le Monde Group, which was held on January 25th at La Défense, Paris.

This annual event is an opportunity for students to find out about Master’s programmes and meet the teachers and administrators of schools and universities present. Participants also had the opportunity to attend thematic conferences ("How to: choosing a university master's degree"; "Doing a master's degree abroad: what is the added value?") led by journalists from Le Monde daily newspaper. Students were also able to define their career goals, thanks to on-site coaching services.

As the current job market is highly globalised, English proficiency has become a selection criterion or requirement for many schools and universities. Some universities specifically require students to take the TOEIC® test in order to prove their level of English proficiency.

ETS Global had a booth for presenting the TOEIC® tests. We spoke with students and parents about test contents and provided advice for preparing to take the test.